BRTFF2 - August 5 2007

Event Details

When: Sunday Aug 5, 2007

Where: 2nd Floor, Chung-Wah, Church Street, near KC Das, diagonally opposite to Church Street Empire

Time: 12pm to 8pm




Independent Films/Local Talent: (add your name and movie name below with your contact number and email ID)

  1. Harakiri (Hindi/English) - Mandar Purandare
  2. Guroor - Ishaan Nair
  3. Causality - MMN
  4. Lemon Chai - Raghavendra Krishnamurthy
  5. DON 3 - Deepak Thippeswamy
  6. The Woman - Sreejit S
  7. Time Pass - Vatsa
  8. saviour - Gowtham moc.oohay|tsuguamatuag#moc.oohay|tsuguamatuag

Critically Acclaimed Independent film maker's Films: (add the film with your name if you have the original copy of it) We need more films here! - Hrish

  1. AMU starring Konkona Sen
  2. The inconvenient truth
  3. Dombivli Fast
  4. Paanch
  5. Chale Chalo - The Lunacy of Film-making - Hrish Thota

Talk on "Mirrors and Recordings" by Pawan Kumar, an independent film-maker.

Talk on "Short Film Making" by Vatsa, an independent film-maker.

Other Discussions- better place would be Here

+++# No pirated copies of films please. We are totally against Piracy. Please get original copies of movies if you have. - Hrish Thota

  1. 13 tzameti (I have the movie, but am stuck up in Chennai for the weekend… if there is a way I can pass it to you guys, lemme know. - Sagaro, 09884366837, moc.liamg|oragas#moc.liamg|oragas)
  2. Strongly feel that we should pay some tribute to Bergman. I've pirated copies of Seventh Seal and Cries & Whispers. If some one has any of his original works please add. - Apoorva Sorry pirated copies are not acceptable. - Hrish
  3. I might be able to manage a non-original versions of Wild Strawberries. Anyone original ? Original or not there got to be something from Bergman. - <Anonymous> (Whoever posted this, please put your name) Sorry pirated copies are not acceptable. - Hrish
  4. And some tribute to Antonioni too. Have pirated copies of a few films by both, if they are acceptable - Sarvesh Sorry Sarvesh, pirated copies are not acceptable. - Hrish
  5. I doubt whether any of us would have Criterion collection of Bergman's or Antonioni (mighty expensive :( ). Is some one here a member of Cinema Paradiso? It had at least 6,7 Bergman's 2 years ago and as it was discussed last time its perfectly legal to rent a movie and watch in a group. Or why not contact Catchflix again, see if it has some. - Apoorva Apoorva, pirated copies are not acceptable. Let me try contacting Vinay Bapna from Catchflix for original copies. - Hrish
  6. Hrish, Cinema Paradiso has original copies plus the license to rent it. Btw, against all hopes I searched Catchflix site and it doesn't even know of Bergman and Antonioni. - Apoorva
  7. I know Habitat has Antonioni. I watched Blow Up (Antonioni) from there. If there are takers for the movie, then I could check with them and bring it over. I'm sure they have Bergman as well. -Lavanya Hi Lavanya, I think that would be great. - Hrish Ok then, I'm arranging for BlowUp & Wild Strawberries(Bergman). We can see what junta prefers, how much time we have etc & go with the flow.. - Lavanya
  8. Any takers for Glengarry glenross ( )? I know it is star-studded. It is probably a popular movie too. But I did like it very much :)) - Lavanya
  9. Sad to see nobody volunteering yet to get the screen or projector. Please tap into your contacts and acquire these things plz ASAP otherwise we will have to hire them and share the money among the campers. - Hrish


(add your name with your email ID here):

  1. Hrish Thota, hrish dot thota at gmail dot com
  2. Thejesh GN i at thejeshgn dot com
  3. Lavanya
  4. Poonacha moc.oohay|ahcanoop_mk#moc.oohay|ahcanoop_mk
  5. Mutiny - Jerry, Sandy, Woke, Ujj
  6. Christina - moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc
  7. glsandeep at gmail dot com
  8. Pawan Kumar - actorinme at gmail dot com
  9. Vatsa - moc.oohay|xastav#moc.oohay|xastav

Task List

(please add your name next to the task with your email ID. volunteering for a task gets you direct entry to BRTFF!):

Sad to see nobody volunteering yet to get the screen or projector. Please tap into your contacts and acquire these things plz ASAP otherwise we will have to hire them and share the money among the campers. - Hrish

  1. Projector -
  2. Screen -
  3. Speakers with amps - Vinay.V
  4. Extension cords and boxes - I can arrange for 2 extn cords (moc.liamg|kapeedth#moc.liamg|kapeedth), add one more - apoorva
  5. DVD player -hari prasad(single disc) - Vinay.V - I'll be getting mine as usual.
  6. Laptop - Ishwar (moc.oohay|narahdirsrawhsi#moc.oohay|narahdirsrawhsi), apoorva, Harikrishnan
  7. Camera - Lavanya, Vinay (will try getting my handycam), Harikrishnan, Nivedita
  8. Snacks and beverages - everybody get for themselves and one more person. so we will have plenty to go around. :)
  9. Booze - BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) :)

*I can get my laptop. But may not stay till 8, its better if we can have a back up. Else I can collect the laptop next day. - Nandu.


(can accomodate only 32 people! add your name with your email ID here):

  1. Alagu
  2. Anush
  3. Webthesurfri Rugs Webdesign
  4. Sandeep sandeep dot kumar at efi dot com
  5. hari prasad :moc.oohay|su_iirah#moc.oohay|su_iirah
  6. Nandu : moc.oohay|anhsirkadnan#moc.oohay|anhsirkadnan
  7. Anand: moc.liamg|hsirkdnanak#moc.liamg|hsirkdnanak
  8. Raghunandan k s (moc.oohay|uzgar#moc.oohay|uzgar)
  9. Debbie (debbieann at )
  10. Dhivya Subramanian (dhivya83 at gmail dot com)
  11. Ishwar
  12. Piyush Gupta moc.liamg|hsuyipg#moc.liamg|hsuyipg
  13. Girija [moc.oohay|sabmajirig#moc.oohay|sabmajirig]
  14. Sridhar[moc.liamg|oarrahdirhshc#moc.liamg|oarrahdirhshc]
  15. Shobha [simplyshobha (at) rediffmail (dot) com
  16. Prabhudoss Samuel (moc.liamg|leumasabbub#moc.liamg|leumasabbub)
  17. Mikhail Esteves (mikster (at) gmail (dot) com)
  18. Satyakumar BS (satyakumarbs at yahoo dot com)
  19. Vinay.V (moc.liamtoh|dniyaniv#moc.liamtoh|dniyaniv)
  20. Nipun Pant (moc.liamg|tnapnupin#moc.liamg|tnapnupin)
  21. Vishal (svnkallianpur (at) gmail (dot) com)
  22. Shruti (moc.oohay|97biturhs#moc.oohay|97biturhs)
  23. Harikrishnan harikrishnan ATT gmail DOTT com
  24. Mathang Seshagiri: moc.liamg|sgnahtam#moc.liamg|sgnahtam
  25. Deepak Rajendran: moc.liamg|nardnejar.kapeed#moc.liamg|nardnejar.kapeed
  26. Vidya Reddy (moc.liamtoh|divdir#moc.liamtoh|divdir)
  27. Prashant Nandakumar: (moc.liamg|n.tnahsarp#moc.liamg|n.tnahsarp)
  28. Deepak Thippeswamy - (moc.liamg|kapeedth#moc.liamg|kapeedth)
  29. Nivedita Kashyap - vakhya at gmail dot com
  30. Aravind S V - aravind dot sv at gmail dot com
  31. Arjun Sharma - supersharma at
  32. Apoorva Gaurav - apoorvagaurav at gmail dot com
  33. spo0nman -

This list is closed at 32. Please add yourself to waiting list - Thej

Campers Waiting list

  1. Prayank Swaroop - prayank.swaroop at -
  2. nishanth - moc.liamg|htnahsin#moc.liamg|htnahsin
  3. Fauzia Arief - moc.oohay|abbel_zaaf#moc.oohay|abbel_zaaf
  4. Sajeev Khan - moc.liamg|nahk.veejas#moc.liamg|nahk.veejas
  5. Sarvesh Dwivedi - sarvesh dot dwivedi at gmail dot com
  6. Emily Chakraborty moc.liamg|ur4ailime-#moc.liamg|ur4ailime-
  7. Abhilash Baldota - moc.liamg|atodlabyba#moc.liamg|atodlabyba
  8. Anita Bora - anitabora at yahoo dot com
  9. Devanshi Jain - moc.liamg|niaj.ihsnaved#moc.liamg|niaj.ihsnaved
  10. Priyadarshani Sherchan- moc.liamg|inahsradayirps#moc.liamg|inahsradayirps
  11. Rashmi Venkatesan- moc.liamg|nasetaknev.imhsar#moc.liamg|nasetaknev.imhsar
  12. Christina - moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc
  13. Manoj - moc.oohay|obolgerg#moc.oohay|obolgerg
  14. Nirmala - moc.liamg|kazmin#moc.liamg|kazmin
  15. Malvika Rajan - malvika.rajan at accenture dot com
  16. Fagun Bhavsar - fagun dot bhavsar at gmail dot com
  17. Faiq - moc.liamg|grqiaf#moc.liamg|grqiaf
  18. Mahtab - moc.yvoog|sdam#moc.yvoog|sdam
  19. Vinu - vranganathan .at. gmail
  20. 100rabh - saurabh.minni on gm@!L com blog
  21. Vinay Soni - vinay846 at gmail dot com
  22. Sivakumar - sivakumart at gmail dot com
  23. Sharath M - moc.liamg|htarahsliam#moc.liamg|htarahsliam
  24. B Rajesh - moc.liamg|874.hsejar#moc.liamg|874.hsejar
  25. Suvidhaa Jain moc.liamg|jaahdivus-#moc.liamg|jaahdivus-
  26. Tharak moc.liamg|tgsucof-#moc.liamg|tgsucof-
  27. moc.liamg|ayiakur-ayiakuR#moc.liamg|ayiakur-ayiakuR
  28. Jayanth S - ni.sknoma|htnayaj#ni.sknoma|htnayaj
  29. Samiah S - moc.liamg|shaimas#moc.liamg|shaimas
  30. Vikrant Aivalli - moc.liamg|illavia#moc.liamg|illavia
  31. D Chandrasekhar - moc.oohay|krowtaydren#moc.oohay|krowtaydren
  32. Vatsap - moc.liamg|astav.tirma#moc.liamg|astav.tirma
  33. ram - moc.liamg|r.itnag#moc.liamg|r.itnag - zLesa

Waiting list is closed

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  2. Lavanya on WordPress -
  3. Thejesh GN - BRTFF Edition-2 with new Logo and Site

Post-event Blogging:

  1. Thejesh GN Twittering from BRTFF-2
  2. Debbie Ann more films! Rooftop Film Festival
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  5. Pictures from Nish
  6. On Eb Show -Video
  7. Alagu's First RTFF!
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