RTFF3-Bangalore September 2007 - Registration Closed!

Event Details

When: Sunday Sep 9, 2007

Where: 2nd Floor, Chung-Wah, No.152, 60 Feet Road, KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala, Next to Anand Sweets/GK Vale; Ph: 41607999, 41607888

Time: 3pm to 11pm



Final Schedule

(This is rough schedule. Plz don't take it for gospel truth! :) - Hrish)

3.00pm - "3" by Lijo + Discussion
4.15pm - "Rashomon" + Discussion
6pm - "Bal Krishna" and "Bindi" by Sanjay Nambiar+ Talk+ Discussion
7pm - "Taxi Driver" + Discussion
9pm - Dinner Break
9.30pm - Victor Lazaro's Films + Discussion
(if we have time) - Fellini's Satyricon/Benegal/The Bridges of Madison County/Dersu Uzala

Independent Films/Local Talent: (add your name and movie name below with your contact number and email ID)

  1. "3" by Lijo (posted by Pawan 99640 33115 )
  2. "Causality" by MMN
  3. "Bal Krishna" and "Bindi" by Sanjay Nambiar
  4. "mrityurma amrutangamaya" by Srikanth (Digiforum) (Srikanth is busy :( )
  5. Victor Lazaro's Films


# Talk on "Digital Film Making and support to it" by Srikanth (erstwhile-Digiforum) (Srikanth is busy :( )

  1. Talk on "Indie Films" by Sanjay Nambiar

Critically Acclaimed Films: (add the film with your name if you have the original copy of it)

  1. Film No.1 - Taxi Driver - Christina (Can get this from Cinema Paradiso if you folks confirm you want it. (I have CD of this movie & can get it - Sathish K)
  2. Film No.2 - Cider House Rules - Christina
  3. Umrao Jaan (1981 version) - Christina
  4. Money (L'argent) as discussed during last BRTFF - Lavanya (Pawan , we are hoping you'll re-create Osian review experience of this movie for us here :) )
  5. We could play a Shyam Benegal movie this time. (Given the recent Dhadha Saheb Phalke) . I can bring in a couple of movies - Lavanya
  6. We also discussed Kurosawa last time. If junta is interested, I can bring in Rashomon. Also , Dersu Uzala (only a CD though) - Lavanya Folks, obliged to tell you that the Akira Kurosawa copies are with my friend who is out of town now and the movies won't reach me by this weekend :( We can do this at the next RTFF4 . (Since lots of folks have voted for Rashomon, I can pick this up from Cinema Paradiso. Let me know - Christina)
  7. Blue Umbrella - Hari [ I think the original DVD is out, so can pick up one, if people are intersted]
  8. [options - some new original DVDs i just got and wanted to see - Udai Pawar (no 46 in the list below) ] - Fellini's Satyricon, Woody Allen's Hannah and her sisters (have 3-4 others too), Spike Lee's collection of his 5 signature movies; kazan's on the waterfront, etc.. Let me know.
  9. In Praise of Love by Jean-Luc Godard (ananya)
  10. How about watching something by Ingmar Bergman? (Krishna)

Other Discussions

+++No pirated copies of films please. We are totally against Piracy. Please get original copies of movies if you have. - Hrish Thota

  1. Discussion 1: Do you think: we can have talk or a discussion on the history of Indian Cinema. Basically a gyan session.. where everyone collects info from their part in this 4 days and shares it with the rest. Let me know wat you guys think. - Hari
  1. Discussion No.2 : 'Song sequence' spoils the scripts of indian cinema.

Planners/Volunteers (please be at the venue by 2pm!)

(add your name with your email ID here):

  1. Hrish Thota, hrish dot thota at gmail dot com- Dinner
  2. Thejesh GN i at thejeshgn dot com - Dinner
  3. Hari Prasad - harii_us at yahoo dot com- Dinner
  4. Raghu - ragzu.evolwe at gmail dot com- Dinner
  5. Sandeep Chawla, sand dot chawla at gmail dot com - Dinner

Task List (volunteers please be at the venue by 2pm!)

(please add your name next to the task with your email ID. volunteering for a task gets you direct entry to BRTFF!):

  1. Projector - jagdeep sompalli
  2. Screen - Hrish
  3. Speakers with amps - Vinay.V
  4. Extension cords and boxes -
  5. DVD player - Christina (moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc)
  6. Laptop - Vinay.V, Arun Jayaprakash [jayaprakash dot arun at gmail dot com] (can provide my laptop as backup if required)
  7. Camera - Lavanya S Viswanath, Vinay.V, Hari
  8. Snacks - Get for yourself and one more person so we have enough to go around! :)
  9. RED BULL for everyone, courtesy RED BULL! :)
  10. No outside food (dinner) or drinks allowed. Please have a look at the dinner package below.


(can accomodate only 50 people! add your name with your email ID here and add a comment whether you want the dinner package (details below) or not!):

  1. Anush Shetty - No Dinner
  2. Vinayak Hegde - vinayakh {at} gmail {dot} com - Dinner
  3. Shreyas Srinivasan - shreyas {at} radioverve {dot} com - Dinner
  4. Pawan Kumar - actorinme at gmail dot com - Dinner
  5. Ajay K ajaykemparaj at gmail dot com
  6. Prayank Swaroop prayank dot swaroop at gmail dot com
  7. Arun Jayaprakash jayaprakash dot arun at gmail dot com - Dinner
  8. harikrishnan harikrishnanc att gmail dott com No Dinner
  9. Lavanya S Viswanath moc.liamg|htanawsiv.aynaval#moc.liamg|htanawsiv.aynaval - Dinner
  10. Christina (moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc) - Dinner
  11. Vinay.V (moc.liamg|dniyaniv#moc.liamg|dniyaniv) - Dinner
  12. Nipun Pant (moc.liamg|tnapnupin#moc.liamg|tnapnupin) -Dinner
  13. amrit (moc.liamg|tirmadnaht#moc.liamg|tirmadnaht) - dinner
  14. Balan Menon (balanmenon at gmail dot com) No dinner
  15. Sathish K (k.sathish at gmail dot com) No dinner
  16. Fagun B (fagun dot bhavsar at gmail dot come) dinner
  17. Harinath Pudipeddi Hpudipeddi at gmail.com
  18. Yamini Mani yaminimani at gmail.com
  19. Faiq (moc.liamg|grqiaf#moc.liamg|grqiaf)- Dinner
  20. Mahtab (moc.liamg|hsabud.bathaM#moc.liamg|hsabud.bathaM) - Dinner
  21. Apoorva (apoorvagaurav at gmail dot com) - Dinner
  22. Karthik (karthikvprasad AT gmail DOT com) - Dinner
  23. Pravin (pravin916 AT gmail DOT com) - Dinner
  24. Aamreeta (aamreeta_gautam [AT] yahoo [DOT] co [DOT] in)- Dinner
  25. Ruban (phukan[DOT]ruban[AT]gmail[DOT] com )- Dinner
  26. Krishna (kkmehra[AT]gmail[DOT]com - Dinner
  27. Aishwarya (jangufarishta[AT]hotmail[DOT]com) - Dinner
  28. Vishwas (vishwas.narendra[AT]gmail[DOT]com) - Dinner
  29. Shobha (simplyshobha{at}rediffmail{dot}com)-Dinner
  30. Mandar Purandare (moc.liamg|radnamrebeil#moc.liamg|radnamrebeil)- Dinner
  31. Vinu - Dinner
  32. Naga (moc.liamg|yraduohc.anujragan#moc.liamg|yraduohc.anujragan) - Dinner
  33. Preeti Prakash (moc.liamg|hsakarp.iteerp#moc.liamg|hsakarp.iteerp) - Dinner
  34. Bhargava Shastry (moc.liamg|3sahsb#moc.liamg|3sahsb)
  35. Divya Gopal (moc.liamg|lapog.vid#moc.liamg|lapog.vid)
  36. prabhu rajK (moc.liamg|jar.k.uhbarp#moc.liamg|jar.k.uhbarp) - Dinner
  37. Manoj Johar(moc.liamg|rahoj.jonam#moc.liamg|rahoj.jonam) - Dinner
  38. Anupriya Mali(moc.liamg|m.ayirpuna#moc.liamg|m.ayirpuna) - Dinner
  39. Dileep Mouleesha (moc.liamg|ahseeluom#moc.liamg|ahseeluom) -Dinner
  40. Ravi Kumar(moc.liamg|ivar.sramuk#moc.liamg|ivar.sramuk)-Dinner
  41. John Jethi(moc.liamg|ihtejnhoj#moc.liamg|ihtejnhoj)-Dinner
  42. Mihika Harnal - mihikaharnal at gmail - Dinner
  43. Kalyan Varma - kalyan _at_ rtns _dot_ org - Maybe Dinner
  44. ananya chandra - anchandr at gmail.com - Dinner
  45. Allan Stanley allan dot stanley at gmail dot com - Dinner (What!!! no Drinks???)
  46. Mukta (moc.liamg|arerad.atkum#moc.liamg|arerad.atkum) - mostly no dinner
  47. Udai Pawar (udaipawar at gmail.com) - Dinner
  48. poonamkjain at gmail dot com - Dinner
  49. Ashutosh (moc.liamg|hsotuhsa.radtop#moc.liamg|hsotuhsa.radtop)-dinner
  50. Ananya Roy - No Dinner
  51. Srinath R - moc.liamg|inimeg.htanirs#moc.liamg|inimeg.htanirs - No dinner
  52. Adithi G - moc.liamg|marahtees.ihtida#moc.liamg|marahtees.ihtida - dinner maybe
  53. CLOSED - PLZ DON'T ADD YOURSELF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIST - mail hrish.thota at gmail dot com who will inform in case anybody cancels.

No Waiting list planned!!! :) If you are not in the above list, take the initiative and start your own RTFF! :) We will help you with whatever we can!

Dinner Package from Chung Wah at just Rs.150/- per head!

  • Soup - Manchow Soup (Veg or Non Veg)
  • Starters - Veg or Chicken Fried Wontons
  • Main Course - Kung Pao Vegetables OR Mongolian Chicken
  • Rice - Egg Fried Rice Or Veg Chowmein
  • Chinese Tea all throughout :)

You can pay on the event day! Don't miss Yum food from Chung-Wah! :) Please mention "Dinner" when you register on top so we get an idea of the head-count!

Who's Blogging? (tag it BRTFF3)

Pre-event Blogging:

  1. Another RTFF this weekend
  2. Ravi on RTFF, Bangalore
  3. Hari's Blog
  4. prabhu rajK's Blog

Post-event blogging

  1. So, how did things unfold at BRTFF3 --- A newcomer's perspective!
  2. Some event pictures

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