BRTFF 6 - June 2009

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Event Details

When: Saturday, 27th June 2009

Time: 10.30am - 5:30pm

Where: The British Council, Prestige Takt, 23, Kasturba Road Cross, Opp: Visweswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore - 560001


The British Council


Flaunge - Short Films

Rabi Kisku

Raghunandan K S

Final Schedule

Independent Films/Local Talent: (add your name and movie name below with your contact number and email ID) Only 1 film of each independent filmmaker will be shown if there is shortage of time

  1. Films from Shamiana Shorts, Mumbai
  2. "Burn" film made by"Sreejit S" Email:moc.liamg|ekam.smlif#moc.liamg|ekam.smlif, Mobile no: 9844386680; "Red Light" film made by"Sreejit S"
  3. "Enable" Nearly 80% of the world's people with disabilities live in the developing nations. With 6% of India's population suffering from varying degrees of disability, it is a daunting task to help them integrate with the mainstream workforce. In coastal Tamil Nadu, People's Action for Development is working towards improving livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities. "Enable" is short documentary on their work. Time lenght approx 9 mins. Film is produced at Bhoomi Productions, Vellore. Contact us- Prateek Singh, moc.liamg|zib.keetarp#moc.liamg|zib.keetarp, 09003334120.
  4. Trailer of 'Slaves of the Lamp' - film on slender loris - by gautham aveera and raghunandan K S
  5. 'Love Arranged' - 6 minutes short film - by Raghav Bhotika - raghav_bhotika1108 at rediffmail dot com
  6. "ICE CREAM" - 6.5 minutes short musical narrative about two kids, their rivalry and how it ends into becoming a beautiful relationship. Directed by Siddhanth.K.S and produced by Lights off Productions. moc.liamg|s.k.htnahddiS#moc.liamg|s.k.htnahddiS 9740080207
  7. "DOL"- 20 min Documentary short on lives of "Kolis" the local fishermen of Mumbai by Nishant Ghadge. The film is a journey into their lives, trying to draw parallels between the changing conditions of fishing in Mumbai and the livelihood of this group; who were among the first residents of the city. The film is in Marathi & English with English subtitles.
  8. 'With love from Santa' - A heart warming story about a father and son relationship :short film by Amreeta Gautam
  9. "Broken Awareness" - English Short film on organ donation. Made by: Sanjay anandram, Savitha singh, Vikram, Mayank rungta, Rahul mashru
  10. "vOID" By Group One - Filmmaking 101 Production
  11. "Patri Par" a short film about life on the tracks by Adithya Chatterji,Shivram Sujir,Anirban Deb,Shashi kumar and Jayadit Basani. Email- moc.oohay|marvihs_kayan#moc.oohay|marvihs_kayan

Already shown at an earlier edition and will be played if we have time



  1. Palador Cinema ~ support for short film makers by Anand Varadaraj.

Have you made a short film you think is really good, in terms of story, cinematography, idea, treatment etc.? Do you believe that it has the potential to be seen in one breath alongside the works of the giants of World Cinema? If you do, then get a copy of your Short film to BRTFF and if it convinces us as well, we will program it alongside the works of master directors. We will then give it the rightful place in the Indie Corner section in the DVDs of world cinema films we are releasing in this country.
Anand from Palador will be collecting these short movies.

Critically Acclaimed Films: (add the film with your name if you have the original copy of it)

  1. Fargo - By Coen brothers - Raghu
  2. 2 british council virals 1 min each

+++No pirated copies of films please. We are totally against Piracy. Please get original copies of movies if you have.


(add your name with your email ID here):

  1. Hrish Thota, hrish dot thota at gmail dot com, 98451 50845
  2. Thejesh GN i at thejeshgn dot com
  3. Raghu - ragzu.evolwe at gmail dot com
  4. Lavanya S Viswanath lavanya dot viswanath at gmail dot com
  5. Vinay V
  6. Christina Daniels moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc
  7. Anand Varadaraj ~ anand dot varadaraj at gmail dot com, 984 505 5034
  8. Nakul Shenoy
  9. Rabi Kisku rabi.kisku@gmailcom 9886539405
  10. Ankit Jain moc.liamg|rlb.niajtikna#moc.liamg|rlb.niajtikna 9632831235
  11. Supreeth moc.liamg|edudillah#moc.liamg|edudillah
  12. Deepak Rajanikanth deepak at drajanikanth dot com 9620202311 @d33pak

Task List

(please add your name next to the task with your email ID. volunteering for a task gets you direct entry to BRTFF!):

  1. Projector -
  2. Screen -
  3. Speakers with amps -
  4. Extension cords and boxes -
  5. DVD player - Rabi Kisku
  6. Laptop -
  7. Camera -
  8. Snacks - get for yourself and for one more person, so we will have plenty for everyone! :) Srikanth Naidu Vissa (ni.oc.oohay|tsebehtunnab#ni.oc.oohay|tsebehtunnab )


  1. AJ (mail at ajaxed dot net)
  2. Honey Chawla < moc.liamg|alwahc.yenoh#moc.liamg|alwahc.yenoh >
  3. Sandeep Prakash moc.ipgnihsulb|peednas#moc.ipgnihsulb|peednas
  4. Krithika moc.oohay|82_akihtirk#moc.oohay|82_akihtirk
  5. Nishanth Adu nishanth at gmail dot com
  6. Venkatraman.S venkat83 AT gmail DOT com
  7. Prabhu Raj prabhu dot k dot raj at gmail dot com
  8. Amit []
  9. Kiran Jonnalagadda (jace at pobox dot com)
  10. Shruti S. moc.liamg|hserusiturhs#moc.liamg|hserusiturhs
  11. Shree Kumar - contact details at My home page
  12. aditya chatterjee- moc.liamg|117aytida#moc.liamg|117aytida
  13. Shwetambara - moc.liamg|inamnhojarabmatewhs#moc.liamg|inamnhojarabmatewhs
  14. Ishan - lukwhostalking at gmail dot com
  15. S.Anand Nataraj anand at anandnataraj dot com
  16. moc.liamg|rlb.niajtikna#moc.liamg|rlb.niajtikna 9632831235
  17. Krishna Hegde- moc.liamg|anhsirk.edgeh#moc.liamg|anhsirk.edgeh 9341304435
  18. Raghava Kotekar - moc.liamg|raketok.avahgar#moc.liamg|raketok.avahgar 9901399671
  19. Supreeth moc.liamg|edudillah#moc.liamg|edudillah
  20. Sachin moc.liamg|ratsehtcas#moc.liamg|ratsehtcas
  21. Neil
  22. Himanshu Bhatnagar - ni.oc.oohay|741_uhsnamih#ni.oc.oohay|741_uhsnamih - 09673200662
  23. Aditya Gowtham- moc.liamg|gaytidaliam#moc.liamg|gaytidaliam
  24. Abhishek Parolkar - (abhishek at parolkar dot com)
  25. Sriharsha Setty - sriharsha dot setty at gmail dot com
  26. Samrat Bagchi - bagchi dot samrat at gmail dot com
  27. varshitha moc.liamg|ahjihsrav#moc.liamg|ahjihsrav
  28. Vardhan J @ MOC.LIAMG|5002IKNAHDALAJ#MOC.LIAMG|5002IKNAHDALAJ 09986697087
  29. Prateek singh, moc.liamg|zib.keetarp#moc.liamg|zib.keetarp - 09003334120, Bhoomi Productions, Vellore
  30. Praveena Sridhar, moc.liamg|rahdirsaneevarp#moc.liamg|rahdirsaneevarp
  31. Shantanu - shantanu DOT gupta AT gmail DOT com
  32. Sandeep Chawla sand dot chawla at gmail dot com
  33. Narendra Prabhu narendra dot prabhu at gmail dot com
  34. Hita unnikrishnan ni.oc.oohay|5102neerg_atih#ni.oc.oohay|5102neerg_atih
  35. Jagannath jagan fullstop 520 at gmail fullstop com
  36. Ankit Jain, moc.liamg|5tiknasniaj#moc.liamg|5tiknasniaj, Bangalore
  37. Shreyasi, moc.liamg|rak.isayerhs#moc.liamg|rak.isayerhs
  38. Ashraf Ali
  39. Preethi Shankar
  40. Hari Krishnan
  41. Prem Krishnan
  42. Vijay Prakash
  43. Vasu Prasadh
  44. Shivram Sujir moc.liamg|rijusmarvihs#moc.liamg|rijusmarvihs
  45. Vishwas, vishwas dot narendra at gmail dot com
  46. Nishit Desai nishitdesai[at]yahoo[dot]com
  47. Fagun Bhavsar fagun[dot]bhavsar[at]gmail[dot]com
  48. Vinayak, vinayakh /at/ gmail
  49. Ajay Shenoy
  50. Pranav moc.evil|k.vanarp#moc.evil|k.vanarp
  51. Vivek Padmanabhan
  52. moc.liamg|ahmisayajiv.dnana#moc.liamg|ahmisayajiv.dnana
  53. Eshan Arif moc.liamg|fira.nahse#moc.liamg|fira.nahse
  54. Siddharth Dayyala
  55. Deepak Rajanikanth deepak at drajanikanth dot com 9620202311
  56. Astha
  57. Emily- moc.liamg|ur4ailime#moc.liamg|ur4ailime
  58. Puneeth - moc.liamg|oar.hteenup#moc.liamg|oar.hteenup
  59. Prashanth - moc.liamg|litap.1htnahsarp#moc.liamg|litap.1htnahsarp
  60. Alexy - moc.liametiruovafym|dahalag#moc.liametiruovafym|dahalag (replace myfavouritemail with gmail)
  61. pushpa - deepocean2k at yahoo dot com
  62. pooja b voladoddi - moc.liamg|01najuggud#moc.liamg|01najuggud
  63. Raghav Bhotika - raghav_bhotika1108 at rediffmail dot com
  64. Vasu Dixit - moc.liamg|usavtixid#moc.liamg|usavtixid
  65. Sai Chakravarthi - -moc.liamg|ihtravarkahc.iaS#-moc.liamg|ihtravarkahc.iaS+919986235501
  66. Mukta Darera
  67. EZ at moc.liamg|67randeBnosaJ#moc.liamg|67randeBnosaJ
  68. Anil Kumar S moc.liamg|mukinoh#moc.liamg|mukinoh
  69. Sunil B moc.liamg|10blinuS#moc.liamg|10blinuS
  70. N V Kishore moc.liamg|magankv#moc.liamg|magankv
  71. Varun Todi moc.liamg|521nurav#moc.liamg|521nurav
  72. Shaishav Todi moc.liamg|lidnnus#moc.liamg|lidnnus
  73. Abhishek K moc.liamg|ihbaretspan#moc.liamg|ihbaretspan
  74. Raghavendra Prasad moc.liamg|uhgarittok#moc.liamg|uhgarittok
  75. Savitha moc.liamg|uhgarittok#moc.liamg|uhgarittok
  76. Siddhanth.k.s moc.liamg|s.k.htnahddiS#moc.liamg|s.k.htnahddiS 9740080207
  77. Praveen Prasanth moc.liamg|htnasarp.neevarp#moc.liamg|htnasarp.neevarp 9886556362
  78. Nishant Ghadge
  79. Santhosh Rao
  80. Manoj Bhalerao
  81. Aamreeta Gautam -aamreeta[at]gmail[dot]com
  82. Jeevan Jonas - jeevan at
  83. Allan Mathew moc.liamg|wehtamnalla#moc.liamg|wehtamnalla
  84. Prerna Suzi moc.liamg|wehtam.anrerp#moc.liamg|wehtam.anrerp
  85. Radha Rangarajan moc.liamg|522ahdar#moc.liamg|522ahdar
  86. Preetham PV moc.liamg|vpmahteerp#moc.liamg|vpmahteerp
  87. Goli togoli-at-gmail-dot-com
  88. Dhruva
  89. krshka - krshka at
  90. Sheela Jayaprakash
  91. Bharath MC moc.liamg|cmhtarahb#moc.liamg|cmhtarahb
  92. Nitye Sood (moc.liamg|dooseytin#moc.liamg|dooseytin)
  93. Pranava Swaroop (pranava dot madhyastha at gmail dot com)
  94. Santosh P Blog
  95. Vardhan - vardhanw at gmail
  96. Aladi
  97. Plantednanotanks
  98. Hedge

Pre-event Blogging:

  1. Times of India talks about BRTFF6
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