First One On 07 07 07

Event details


07/07/07 - Dusk to Dawn - 7pm on July 7th to 7am on July 8th


Many Thanks to Mikhail for hosting us at his place here:

No: 10, 2nd Cross,
(in front of the twin tower Lakeview Habitat, Hebbal)
Sahakarnagar Post,
Near Hebbal,
Bangalore 560 092

Car/2whlr Pooling :

* Thejesh GN From Banashankari. 3 places available. Contact here
* Kiran - I stay at Indiranagar. We can meet up at CMH Road near Cafe Coffee Day. (93418 - 35884)
* People from Whitefield/Marathahalli, can we meet some place and go together? If interested post your numbers here.

Bangalore - any one with a "shaded" roof top they can lend for a night? :-)

Planner's meet is over! Please check the final list of movies and other decisions below!

5pm on June 24th '07 at Roof Top Food Court, EVA Mall, Brigade Road, Next to HM Towers. Contact Hrish at 98451 50845 if you want to attend.

Questions (please add answers right below the questions)

- The question of where has been answered, but just a spo0nman doesnt help. Where is the roof ?

- I will be checking with spo0nman but there could be other roofs too. - Hrish

- And is someone going to decide on a final list of films and publish ?

- We are going to decide that on the planner's meet on Sunday the 24th and publish it here. - Hrish

-Is the venue finalised. If we can't find a shaded roof top is the festival still on - By when are we planning to fianlise this?

people staying in indranagar/ close to mg road, can we meet some place there and go together?

- I stay at Indiranagar. We can meet up at CMH Road near Cafe Coffee Day. (Kiran - 93418 - 35884). We can decide on the time to meet up.

Sponsors is offering excellent offer to everybody involved with Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival! :-) All new customers signing up for Catchflix can enter "BRTFF" as the promotion code when signing up; to get 2 free movie rentals! Hurry up!

- We are not making money while screening these movies. This is a free event.

- Best would be to screen old classics or independent cinemas.

- It's totally ok to rent a movie and watch it with a zillion people so long as you don't charge. What if one had a really large family? (Iv checked with guys from ex-collectivechaos folk about this).

Schedule (this is the almost final list… movies added earlier to the wiki are here)

4 independent films can be chosen from the following list:

1. Causality - MMN (Manoj M Narayan)
2. Guroor - Ishaan Nair (Mihika is co-ordinating with him) (will be in for next BRTFF)
3. Movie by Pawan
4. Sagaro's movie (will be in for next BRTFF hopefully)
5. That Four Letter Word - Suderman
6. Silicon Jungle - Rabi Kisku
7. Biruku (Kannada with English Sub-titles) - Vatsa
8. Evolution - Vatsa
9. Mission Zero - Vatsa

3 other films can be chosen from the following list (people who have the original copy of these movies, please write your name ):

1. Touching the Void (Vinay)
2. AMU starring Konkona Sen
3. Vanaja
4. In Custody (Vinay)
5. Ankur (Vinay)
6. Sparsh - Naseer/Shabana (Vinay)
7. Enron - The smartest guys in the room (Vinay)
8. Syriana (Vinay)
9. Bowling for Columbine - Michael Moore
10. Sideways (Vinay)
11. Before Sunrise (Vinay)
12. After the Sunset
13. The inconvenient truth (Vinay)
14. Respiro (Lavanya)
15. A room with a view
16. Elephants Dream (Thejesh)
17. Uncle Saddam -Micheal moore
18. Farenheit 9/11 -Michael moore(Vinay.V) , Lavanya
19. step into liquid (Vinay)
20. March of the penguins
21. Making of mahatma (Vinay) , Lavanya
22. Kairee (Vinay)
23. Shwaas
24. Dombivli Fast
25. Paanch

Also on the agenda - Pawan Kumar (indepedent film maker) wants to take some time out to discuss "My Film" - an initiative to help independent film makers to produce their own films by becoming a part of the group. (of the film makers, by the film makers, for the film makers)

Important and pending stuff!!

1. We are STILL in the process of finalising a shaded rooftop! So if any of you guys know anyone who can host around 40 film buffs on their shaded rooftop, please let me know asap! We have a couple of cues but we want more confirmed options!!! -Guys,am trying for places sumwhere in and around near indiranagar,wil post it if any progress on the same. (Suvidhaa Jain)
2. We STILL need someone to volunteer for the following - screen, mattresses and pillows.
3. I will be mailing the participants and get them to confirm their presence *at least* by this Saturday (30th June). If they can't do that, the people on the waiting list will be upgraded!

Discussions and decisions taken:-

1. We will be screening ONLY legal copies of the movies and no pirated or downloaded versions.
2. We should be legally OK to watch the films as its a small private group and we are NOT charging an entrance fee.
3. There should be a discussion after each movie has been screened.
4. will be sponsoring the dinner/snacks and will lend the DVDs which we wish to watch (if they have it in their collection). Thanks Vinay! :-)
5. We will be running with the above movie list and will select the final list on the day by show of hands!
6. It will be a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) event apart from the people who volunteered to get a bit extra for the others on the wiki! :-)

Local Talent (We need more local talent!!!)

1. MMN - moc.liamg|700nmm#moc.liamg|700nmm
2. Ingo Hofmaier
3. Pawan Kumar - actorinme AT gmail dot com
4. Sudhish Kamath
5. Rabi Kisku
6. Vatsa - 9845228518
7. Roohy - 9945819819

Planners (Confirmed in RED italics)

1. Hrish Thota - hrish.thota at gmail dot com - 98451 50845
2. Christina Daniels - moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc
3. MMN - moc.liamg|700nmm#moc.liamg|700nmm
4. SavantIdiot - moc.liamg|htalagnam.peedarp#moc.liamg|htalagnam.peedarp
5. Apoorva Gaurav - apoorvagaurav at gmail dot com - 9845823705
6. Suvidhaa Jain - moc.liamg|jaahdivus#moc.liamg|jaahdivus
7. Lavanya Viswanath moc.liamg|htanawsiv.aynaval#moc.liamg|htanawsiv.aynaval 99456 85134
8. spo0nman - Pankaj
9. Sandeep Chawla - 99861 50603

Volunteers (Confirmed in RED italics)

1. Hrish Thota - hrish.thota at gmail dot com - 98451 50845
2. Christina Daniels - moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc#moc.oohay|22sleinadanitsirhc
3. MMN - moc.liamg|700nmm#moc.liamg|700nmm
4. Huda Aleem - moc.liamg|meelaaduh#moc.liamg|meelaaduh
5. SavantIdiot - moc.liamg|htalagnam.peedarp#moc.liamg|htalagnam.peedarp
6. Apurva - moc.liamffider|smavrupa#moc.liamffider|smavrupa
7. Sourabh - moc.liamg|rukahthbaruos#moc.liamg|rukahthbaruos
8. Sandeep L Reddy - moc.liamg|peednaslg#moc.liamg|peednaslg - 9845599551
9. Apoorva Gaurav - apoorvagaurav at gmail dot com - 9845823705
10. Suvidhaa Jain moc.liamg|jaahdivus#moc.liamg|jaahdivus
11. Poonacha moc.oohay|ahcanoop_mk#moc.oohay|ahcanoop_mk - 9845628862
12. Nivedita - vakhya at gmail dot com
13. Lavanya Viswanath 99456 85134
14. Thejesh GN i at thejeshgn dot com
15. Sunayana Singh - Mid-Day

Participants (aka Campers) - closed the list at 45, please add yourself to the waiting list below. (confirmed people in RED italics)

1. Hrish Thota (aka Dhempe on LJ)
2. Christina Daniels
3. Sathish K -
4. MMN - My Blog
5. Karthik Jagadeesan - moc.liamg|ekajelbareffusni#moc.liamg|ekajelbareffusni
6. SavantIdiot - moc.liamg|htalagnam.peedarp#moc.liamg|htalagnam.peedarp
7. Apoorva Gaurav - apoorvagaurav at gmail dot com - 9845823705
8. Swar Thounaojam - mendontmess AT yahoo DOT com
9. Amit Bansal -
10. Buddha moc.liamg|dasarpvkihtrak#moc.liamg|dasarpvkihtrak
11. Suvidhaa Jain moc.liamg|jaahdivus#moc.liamg|jaahdivus
12. Poonacha moc.oohay|ahcanoop_mk#moc.oohay|ahcanoop_mk
13. Huda Aleem moc.liamg|meelaaduh#moc.liamg|meelaaduh
14. Anuradha moc.liamg|ahdarunarakeluhp#moc.liamg|ahdarunarakeluhp
15. Pawan Kumar actorinme AT gmail DOT com (have a collection… i can bring in some DvD's)
16. Anisha moc.liamg|ihtsawa.ahsina#moc.liamg|ihtsawa.ahsina
17. Fauzia moc.oohay|abbel_zaaf#moc.oohay|abbel_zaaf
18. Ritesh -
19. Sandeep - moc.liamg|108ydnas#moc.liamg|108ydnas
20. Bhuwan - moc.liamg|81nawuhb#moc.liamg|81nawuhb
21. Vasanth - moc.oohay|kntnasav#moc.oohay|kntnasav
22. Thejesh GN
23. Nikhil moc.liamg|elbaliavasilihkin#moc.liamg|elbaliavasilihkin
24. Mukta Darera moc.liamg|arerad.atkum#moc.liamg|arerad.atkum
25. Digambar moc.liamg|ekumirt.rabmagid#moc.liamg|ekumirt.rabmagid
26. Madhavi Sahu— moc.liamg|uhasivahdam#moc.liamg|uhasivahdam
27. Siddharth Pai - ni.oc.oohay|28iapddis#ni.oc.oohay|28iapddis
28. Abhijit Sarangi - moc.liamg|321rasihba#moc.liamg|321rasihba
29. Nivedita - vakhya at gmail dot com
30. Pravin Kittappa moc.oohay|erolagnabnignab#moc.oohay|erolagnabnignab
31. Nikhil Narayanan moc.liamg|shkineohp#moc.liamg|shkineohp
32. Naga - moc.liamg|yraduohc.anujragan#moc.liamg|yraduohc.anujragan
33. Mithila - moc.liamg|edgeh.alihtim#moc.liamg|edgeh.alihtim
34. Archana - moc.liamg|kn.eihcra#moc.liamg|kn.eihcra
35. Nimi Ravindran - moc.liamg|nardnivar.imin#moc.liamg|nardnivar.imin
36. Arvind SV - aravind dot sv at gmail dot com
37. Prateek - prateek_01 AT yahoo DOT com
38. Sreenath - moc.liamg|g.htaneers#moc.liamg|g.htaneers
39. Siva Ram Varma - moc.liamg|g.htaneers#moc.liamg|g.htaneers
40. Prashanth Verma - moc.liamg|g.htaneers#moc.liamg|g.htaneers
41. Vamsee Krishna - moc.liamg|anhsirk.eesmav#moc.liamg|anhsirk.eesmav
42. Kuldeep - moc.liamtoh|sk_alook#moc.liamtoh|sk_alook
43. jayanti - moc.liamg|ssarfassaj#moc.liamg|ssarfassaj
44. Lokesh - moc.liamg|raknisarhsekol#moc.liamg|raknisarhsekol
45. Adrian Mascarenhas - moc.liamg|212nairda#moc.liamg|212nairda

Participants (aka Campers) on Waiting List (confirmed people in RED italics)

1. Mihika Harnal - moc.liamg|lanrahakihim#moc.liamg|lanrahakihim
2. Lajiraj S - sDOTlajirajATgmailDOTcom
3. Bikram - moc.oohay|ihkummarkib#moc.oohay|ihkummarkib
4. Anandhi - moc.liamg|hsemar.ihdnana#moc.liamg|hsemar.ihdnana
5. Dhivya - 9945569335 moc.liamg|ayvihd#moc.liamg|ayvihd
6. Manoj Lobo - moc.oohay|obolgerg#moc.oohay|obolgerg
7. Gayatri - moc.liamg|uyabayog#moc.liamg|uyabayog
8. Amrit- moc.pastav.wwwmoc.liamg|astav.tirma#moc.pastav.wwwmoc.liamg|astav.tirma (someone please call me up on 098842 70094 to let me know if I can come!)
9. Anita - moc.liamg|arobatina#moc.liamg|arobatina
10. Sesh- moc.liamg|ramukhses#moc.liamg|ramukhses
11. Siva Kumar - moc.liamg|avishsiws#moc.liamg|avishsiws
12. Ambar -
13. Kirti moc.sct|iapjab.itrik#moc.sct|iapjab.itrik
14. Shashank
15. Lasika
16. Mikhail
17. Sruthi - sruthi181 ATgmailDOTcom
18. Abirami - abirami.e ATgmailDOTcom
19. Subbu Baravani - moc.liamg|inavarabns#moc.liamg|inavarabns
20. dev s sukumar - moc.liamffider|nasved#moc.liamffider|nasved
21. Amit Aggarwal - amitagy79 AT gmail DOT com
22. Chandramouli C S - mechjolter AT gmail DOT com
23. Vinay.V - moc.liamtoh|dniyaniv#moc.liamtoh|dniyaniv
24. Pavithra sagar- pavisagar At gmail Dot com
25. Manisha Anand- wild_little_angel At yahoo Dot com
26. Vinay Raj - moc.liamg|nivtcatnoc#moc.liamg|nivtcatnoc
27. Harisha G.B - moc.liamg|bgahsirah#moc.liamg|bgahsirah
28. Nishanth - moc.liamg|htnahsin#moc.liamg|htnahsin
29. Kiran Pillai - kiran<dot>r<dot>pillai<at>gmail<dot>com
30. Plabita - ku.oc.oohay|k_sbalp#ku.oc.oohay|k_sbalp
31. Debajit Das - moc.liamg|mozubed#moc.liamg|mozubed
32. Rukaiya moc.liamg|ayiakur-#moc.liamg|ayiakur-
33. Akheel Delvi - moc.liamg|ivled.leehka#moc.liamg|ivled.leehka
34. Krishnaprasad - moc.liamg|dasarp2anhsirk#moc.liamg|dasarp2anhsirk
35. Gilson P V - moc.liamg|noslig.vp#moc.liamg|noslig.vp
36. Sandeep - moc.liamg|hsemar.peednas#moc.liamg|hsemar.peednas
37. Eva Anita - moc.liamtoh|atina_ave#moc.liamtoh|atina_ave
38. Brianna - moc.oohay|rekcarcannovy#moc.oohay|rekcarcannovy
39. Apurva - moc.oohay|rkavrupa#moc.oohay|rkavrupa
40. Ashutosh- moc.liamg|hsotuhsa.radtop#moc.liamg|hsotuhsa.radtop
41. Mandar Purandare - moc.liamg|radnamrebeil#moc.liamg|radnamrebeil
42. Himanshu Sheth - moc.liamg|htehs.uhsnamih#moc.liamg|htehs.uhsnamih
43. Harshal Patil - moc.liamg|lahsrah.p#moc.liamg|lahsrah.p
44. Nipun Pant - moc.liamg|tnapnupin#moc.liamg|tnapnupin
45. Sridhar.A - moc.liamg|uvaahzim#moc.liamg|uvaahzim
46. Faiq - moc.liamg|grqiaf#moc.liamg|grqiaf
47. Varun Veernala - moc.liamg|alanreev.nurav#moc.liamg|alanreev.nurav
48. Renuka Mani - moc.liamg|inamuner#moc.liamg|inamuner
49. Fagun Bhavsar - moc.liamg|rasvahb.nugaf#moc.liamg|rasvahb.nugaf
50. Vignesh - moc.liamg|hsengivvc#moc.liamg|hsengivvc
51. Sreeraman - moc.liamg|vnamareers#moc.liamg|vnamareers
52. Priyatham - moc.liamg|jvmahtayirp#moc.liamg|jvmahtayirp
53. Hari Prasad - moc.liamffider|ku_iirah#moc.liamffider|ku_iirah
54. Raghu moc.liamg|ewlove.uzgar-#moc.liamg|ewlove.uzgar-
55. Sundeep - moc.liamg|sednanrefpeednus#moc.liamg|sednanrefpeednus
56. Ishwar - moc.oohay|narahdirsrawhsi#moc.oohay|narahdirsrawhsi
57. Sajeev Khan

Task List

(please cross out when it's done)


1. —Roof- - Spo0nman Mikhail
2. Projector - Mrinal Chakroborty - mrinalch at gmail dot com
3. Screen - Deepak Arya - 4' x 6' screen, anybody with a bigger screen?
4. Speakers with amps - SavantIdiot - could/would - Vinay.V - Will get them if its not possible for SavantIdiot. Need confirmation.
5. Extension chords and boxes - should be able to bring one extension chord but doubt that it would be enough - Apoorva, kiran<dot>r<dot>pillai<at>gmail<dot>com
6. DVD Player - Christina
7. Mattresses and pillows - Mikhail
8. Laptop (in case the above screws up) - Apoorva
9. Wifi (optional) - Vinay.V - Will get my Apple Airport Express.
10. Camera (optional) - Christina, Lavanya
11. And lots of snacks and beverages (the way it happened in Chennai, each got enough snacks for himself plus one more guy. thus everyone had loads! - amrit) Everybody get some for themselves and one more person.
12. Dinner? - Hrish getting a sponsor for this!
13. Booze? - anybody wanna volunteer few bottles of beer here? Naga + Hrish + Mikhail + Amrit + Kiran + Sreenath + Varma + Amit (other volunteers append your names here)

The long talk i had to give at RTFF - Pawan

Hello BRTFF participant,

I am Pawan Kumar. I was there at the event last night. An independent film maker… my short films were screened too. And I was one of the few people who sat up for the entire night!!! BTW I was also supposed to give a “talk”, but it couldn’t happen because of the loud snores generated by the few film enthusiasts :P

Anyway here it is in form of an email!

First of all… It was amazing to see so many of you who loved cinema. I usually watch films alone and it was quite a different experience for me to see it with a group of like-minded people. I would love to do this often.

What is more commendable about the evening is that everybody was so open to watch works of independent film makers. As a filmmaker I couldn’t ask for much. We had DVD’s of great film makers lying there on the floor and yet the films that were playing were of first time film makers. And yet not one complained or demanded to watch some big budget, master director’s work.

With this kind of an audience, I have a feeling that my talk will be welcomed with an open mind.

We yesterday saw the first films of few Indian directors… we had comments, criticism, appreciation and at the end we said “We look forward for more films from you”

Can we all do a lil bit more than just uttering that optimistic line???

None of the film makers are trained. A film school is of no help either. I believe that a film maker can polish his skills only by making more films. But film making is such an expensive thing to do. All the good-bad, interesting-shabby work that we saw yesterday has a lot of blood and sweat gone into it. Because the industry called ‘filmmaking’ is so unorganized.

We all know the reality so I wouldn’t want to talk much about that. However few things to remember are,


As we all know a “Producer” plays the big role in a making a film. Understood. Its his money and why would anybody want to go through a loss. So he pokes his nose into everything. And then film making becomes a business and not an art form. And thus we have movies like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom forced into our lives.

The idea I am trying to play with is – “Fire the producer”

A filmmaker needs money to make a film. A film viewer pays money to see a film. The solution is to bridge this gap without the producer.

This plan might not work on a big scale. It might but I don’t know about it. On a smaller scale… like the movies we saw yesterday, it is definitely going to work.

We all pay PVR or INOX or any other theatre about Rs. 200 to watch a film. Most of the times bad commercial films.

Can we give the same 200 bucks to an independent film maker?

Can we give that money to him even before he has made the movie?

Instead of talking concepts and ideas… I will put it forward as a proposal.

I have just finished writing a film. It’s called “Death of a software engineer”. I have no funding. I can’t sell it to a producer… he believes nobody will see it. So I am telling all you film lovers who have seen my works, who believed that there was potential in me to make something good…. Order a DVD copy of the film by paying Rs. 200. Give me two months to finish the film. And you will get your copy.

Does this make sense? Is it possible?

Of course this plan will only work with a filmmaker you can trust, whose work you have seen. And you believe that you’d be interested in seeing his work.

So this was the talk. BRTFF is now kind of become a group of people… we know each other. Guess there are a 100 of us in here now… it will only increase. So if every month we can pool in 200 bucks and fund an independent filmmaker’s film, we are going to see a film made from the heart (and not with commercial interests) and we will also be helping the filmmaker to polish his skills and make more films.

How would this work??? We need a network of film lovers. AT BRTFF I guess we already have a 100. If each of this 100 knows at least 10 film loving friends who go to movies who buy pirated DVDs, so we have a network of 1000 people. So lets manage to get a 1000 orders placed for the film. The filmmaker gets Rs. 200000, which includes DVD reproduction charges. Wait for the filmmaker to finish he film and the DVDs will be shipped. And Rs 2 lakh is a lot of money for an independent filmmaker to do magic!

Might sound impossible. Might sound like Amway. But think about it. It really is like buying any other DVD. If the idea is convincing and taken up, we can then work out the dynamics and methods to put the money inflow etc etc in place. That’s really easy.

One noble thing in doing this, is that, you are stopping a film maker with potential to fall into the regular business. Stopping him from making movies for the masses. Restoring belief in his expression.

Please please please send your feed back.


The email responses i have got -

Hi Pawan,

Amit Aggarwal here from Yours Truly theatre…

It was again heart whelming to see your mail. Wish, we can start a group on Orkut of all BRTTF enthusiast. We would love to see more of Pawan Kumar with many more clap worthy performances.. In case we could be of any assistance..please do let me know. Yours Truly theatre has a whole lot of budding actors, who could be casted in any of your movies. We are planning to launch a series of plays over next few months.. would certainly keep you posted of our schedule.

I'll be more than happy to contribute for any independent film. Just need a promise form you that 5 years down the line, when you would be a big name in parallel cinema.. you'll still choose us as a producer :P


Amit Aggarwal


Hi Pawan,

Sometimes when one wants to say things the crowd can put one off & whatever needs to be said is left unsaid. I really appreciate what you are doing. It is a very encouraging & motivating thing for people like me. I think you should continue doing what you are doing & you will do really well. My best wishes to you in whatever you venture into.

Frankly when I started reading this mail, my thoughts were of a similar kind to what you have outlined in this mail. I was also thinking if all the people who were interested in movies should do their bit to encourage movie makers like you. Each person contributing is a very good idea. It is for some reason very possible & makes sense. I was thinking on the lines of how companies issue shares when they want to raise money. This concept is on similar lines. Yes like you said it will require some work on how all this can be tracked & made better use of.

I like your idea very much. I would definitely be interested in contributing a small amount towards a nice & good film. I guess I will also have a nice feeling of having been a part of a film. I guess making a film someday is what even I hope to do. For now I want to write some good scripts.

But Pawan, I would also like to tell you that I would love to be of some assistance when you are making a film in the future. I would definitely like to play a role somewhere, somehow towards this, it will give me great satisfaction. Of course I will juggle this with my day job.

Like I said, it is a very good idea. I am for it.



ithis is Raghunandan.k.s, i am trying to be an independent filmmaker, with all the scripts in hand waiting it to go to production, i myself in to fine art and advertising, so i was really impressed by this marketing stratefy..i missed this time rtff, and so did i missed ur film too, hence i would like watch some of ur works, sit together, me being in advertising,and had wrked with Girish kasaravalli sir and in circle with off beat film freaks….i can always help the talent come out with out commercialism, hence i am in to buy the dvd for 200 and also to plan the ad strategy and design and all post production for your film for free.

may god bless you, i am glad there are people who has the passion to bring out th real cinema, cause cinema is an art…but it is not these day..

so please do reply, i am desperate to watch ur cinema.

Jai hind,


Hey Pawan…..

Grt thought…..Hattsoff to u.

No words to express my feeling abt ur thought of making a film like this.

This is really a grt thought….to make a film….!!!

I will support you 100% in this regard.

I couldn't make it to the RTFF yesterday.But got to know it was really gud.

All the best for your future achievements.

Let me know how i can help you.i am interested in working with you.

I like photography and painting.

Am working as a S/w Kooli in an MNC.

Keep in touch,


98455 99551

Hello Pawan,

I know what I missed now :(. I tried to make it (as another enthusiast and also as another short film maker), but didn't happen. Hrish had made some efforts to get my film to the roof top for screening, didn't work out though. May be next time I can come and meet you as well.

As for me, I have been working with a friend of mine and making shorts with our own money (no it is not inherited, we work our hindsides out to get it :)). We produce/edit our films and shoot them in 22hrs one shot etc. to save on costs and do most of the stuff like editing ourselves. That way we believe we are able to get something of a good quality, without compromising much on our pockets or waiting for producers. :)

So if you don't find success in getting money for your project, just let me know, I might be able to help you out with getting stuff like editing done.

Hope to see you at the next RTFF. (And I will give 200bucks for the DVD as well :))

"Death of a software engineer"?? Sounds like you are one too :)



Hi Pawan,

I hope you are doing fine. You might remember me. I have mailed you once regarding monologue and related stuff. I definately agree with what you have come up. I guess, at least, investing our money behind quality stuff, all of us can actually get what we really want and not what we are made to watch.

Make it possible or not - is utterly a state of mind. You must have known to "Film festival of Independant film makers in Bhubneshwar." As we are witnessing radical changes in audience and hence film-makers, I dont think this is a bad idea at all.

And if we can give a rise to Indian Rock Music scene!! (I guess, most of the Indian rock musicians have done the same thing - in a diff. manner although), we can definately do somethin about cinema.

Please let me know how I can contribute other than the option you have mentioned.



Hi Pawan,

First things first. I must say I was really impressed by your short movies on Saturday. Thanks a lot for fighting all odds and creating such good movies. It is really commendable that you have followed your dreams with conviction and do what you loved to do.

Yeah and well about the financing part. Well I can surely spare Rs200/- and would like to order some if not all of your movies.

Wish you the very best of luck for your endeavours.



it ws really good to be there. thanks to hrish and his team: ashutosh

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